Businesses and Industries Embracing Tablet Technology

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iOS devices are dominating the mobile web, and as smartphone and tablet use grows, more and more businesses and industries are looking into incorporating it into their worlds.

BizTech recently delved into the topics of tablet use in businesses and they found some interesting data. Here are a few highlights:

  • Over 90% of the top Fortune 500 are either testing or deploying tablets
  • 74% of business professionals own a tablet
  • Corporate spending on tablets is expected to reach $10 billion this year
  • 70 million Americans will own a tablet by the end of 2012

In addition to the business world, the banking and retail worlds are looking to incorporate tablet use with their employees and their customers. When it comes to the banking industry, almost 40% of financial services professionals use tablets. For retail, 20% of retailers are already testing tablet use in stores. And when it comes to restaurants, 27% of customers are interested in using tablets in full-service eateries.

Is your business beginning to incorporate tablet use in the workplace? Share your experiences with us. And if you need to find firm footing in the mobile marketing world, there’s a category for that.