iOS Devices Dominate The Mobile Web (And iPhone 5 Isn’t Even Here Yet)

At long last, Apple has confirmed its September 12 product announcement. If months of rumors didn’t quit convey what’s to come from Tim Cook and co., the press invite below makes it pretty darn obvious.

Apple Invite

The iPhone 5 is sure to add yet another layer to Apple’s domination of the mobile market share (currently 65.03%, according to Chitika). Mirroring the market share stat is the iPhone and iPad’s reign on the mobile web. iOS devices account for a whopping 65% of all mobile traffic. The chart below really puts things in perspective; competing manufacturers Samsung and HTC are barely even on the map compared to Apple.

Mobile Manufacturer Web Usage 2012

And with the introduction of the iPhone 5 less than a week away, Apple’s hold on the mobile web is bound to grow even stronger. Do you have plans to snag an iPhone 5 next week? Sound off in our Facebook poll.

iPhone 5 Poll