BrandYourself Gives You the Power to Control Your Own Search Results

A while back, we mentioned that Bing was allowing users to link pages and accounts so that they would show up together in search results. Now BrandYourself.com is helping to improve your ranking in Google results, as well as promote the accounts you want promoted.

BrandYourself, control your own search resultsThe site is free and simple to use. Users simply submit the links that they want to rank high and be associated with their name. Once submitted, the site then gives users the opportunity to take steps to make those links rank higher. Users can even track their progress and rankings as they go along.

BrandYourself, control your own search results

As an extra precaution, the site monitors user’s profile rankings and should any fall or rise dramatically — or an unauthorized page/profile suddenly shows up with a high ranking — the site then notifies users so they can take action if needed.

Are you planning on signing up for your own BrandYourself account? Has the inability to change your page/profile rankings negatively affected a business deal or job search for you?

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