Bing’s Linked Pages Makes Social Search Easier

Bing has countered Google’s Search Plus Your World and made it easier for individuals to tie their account together for social search. Launched at the end of February, Bing’s Linked Pages allows users to modify search results so that all of their social accounts and related sites appear together when their name is searched.

social searchIt’s pretty simply to use. Simply go to the main Linked Pages page and log in using your Facebook account. Once logged in, you can begin customizing your search results by linking every account you want associated with your name. Once you’ve linked all of the appropriate pages, they will appear grouped together in search results.

social search
At the moment, it’s in beta and focused on individual users. But it’s possible that the option to link brand social accounts and sites will appear in the future. For the time being, it’s a great tool for individuals to use to organize your online world (especially if there happens to be more than one person with your name in the world!).

social search
What do you think of Bing’s Linked Pages? Is this an effective counter to Google? Do you plan on using it? Find us on Facebook and share your thoughts with us.