Boost Video Ad Views and Conversion with These 4 Tips

youtube advertising best practice

Good news! In a recent webinar, the folks at InterActive Media Strategies and the Business Video Network found that video ad completion rates are at an all-time high. This is due to two major developments. First, consumers are accepting the trade-off of advertising for free content. Second, savvy marketers have embraced best practices and have adjusted content to ad ratios, as well as ad length and position. If you’re looking to boost your ad views and conversion, take note of our tips below.

Try pairing your ads with long form content.

Research has found that the average view time for ads is higher for long form content than short form content (21.4 secs vs 13.6 secs). That’s because viewers are more willing to make the ad for content exchange when there’s more content to be had. Keep that in mind when plotting your strategy.

Embrace the mid-roll.

Although pre-roll ads tend to dominate (who hasn’t had their video viewing experience delayed because of a preemptive ad?), research suggests that advertisers should shoot for mid-content placement. In terms of both long and short term content, mid-roll ads boast the highest completion rates — 89% completion and 99% completion, respectively. Why? Because mid-roll ads more closely mimic the TV viewing. With this approach, advertisers can also afford to use longer ads.

Think multi-channel.

When it comes to building brand awareness, a multi-channel approach trumps online advertising only. By using a multi-channel approach (with consistent video and messaging), brand awareness is boosted to 90%.

Introduce interactive features.

Interactive features boost engagement, so explore what options are available through the video service. For YouTube, it could mean coordinating your video ad with the accompanying sidebar ad, giving your viewers something to click immediately. For Hulu, it could mean creating a brand-centric video player. Do your homework and consider what would be best received by viewers and least disruptive to the viewing experience.

Move beyond YouTube ads by creating your own brand channel. Need some help getting started, or improving your existing account? Ask yourself these six simple questions.