Improve Your YouTube Presence with These Questions

More and more brands are expanding their digital marketing efforts to the wonderful world of YouTube. Fashion brands are using it to give fans a preview of their latest lines, and make up and home improvement brands are using it to post how-to videos. But many are also making basic mistakes that are keeping their videos from being seen. Whether you’re posting features on employees or how-to videos, customers and potential customers alike should be able to find your clips. Take a look at the questions below to see if your account could use a check-up.

Did you include keywords in the titles?

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One of the first rules of SEO is using keywords well. This means including them prominently in content titles, and this rule applies to YouTube, as well. If your video is a tutorial for an eyeshadow technique, make sure you include the words “how to” or “instructional” in the title with the particular technique following closely. If you’re showcasing your newest products, use your brand and product name prominently in the title. Whatever your keyword or phrase happens to be, be sure to place it prominently and as close to the beginning of the title as possible. This will help your video show up in relevant searches.

Have you added links in your descriptions?

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What are you hoping to achieve by having a YouTube presence? Do you want to convert viewers into customers? Then make the process easier for them by including a link to your site, product page, etc. in your video description. You can also include links to sites in your brand’s channel description, but every link used must have “http://” as part of the url in order for it to work properly.

Is your description clear and concise?

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The description gives you the chance to reiterate the title and purpose of the video in a slightly longer form, but be aware of how that description will be displayed as a thumbnail preview. Depending on the length, only 2-3 sentences of the description will be displayed, so keep it clear and concise.

Have you included all appropriate tags?

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Tags are another way for people to discover your video through searches and related video suggestions. Since tags play such a huge part in making your videos visible, be sure to use as many tags as you need to describe your video well. Although most tags consist of just one word, you can also add phrases as tags just by placing it in quotation marks.

Do your videos have the best possible preview thumbnail?

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We know that the Internet is a very visual place. Half the battle of garnering clicks for Facebook and online ads is by using attractive, attention-grabbing imagery. The same rules can be applied to YouTube video thumbnails. Be sure that your thumbnails are attractive, intriguing and give a sense of what’s to come in the video.

Does your avatar clearly reflect your brand?

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Having a well-chosen avatar not only lends authenticity and authority to your brand, it also helps build brand association. In most cases, using a clear, attractive version of your brand’s logo will be the best choice. But some brands like CoverGirl change their avatar as their spokesperson changes and incorporates them into the imagery. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the best fit for your brand.

youtube marketing tips

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