Best Landing Page Designs: Zaarly

Today’s best landing page design feature is near and dear to my heart because of some street teaming action I did for them in their early days.

Zaarly is a community-based solution for finding what you want, when you want it. It’s a pretty simple concept: download the app, post what you want, when you would like it and how much you are willing to pay. Then wait for bids from other local Zaarly-lovers looking to make a quick buck.

So let’s swing on over to their landing page and see what we find.

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Here’s why Zaarly’s landing page made our list of best landing page designs:

  • Design success.  From the map to the bluebirds to the composition, this landing page is just plain nice to look at.
  • Keywords.  I don’t know about you, but under pretty much any context the words “anything” “nearby” and “free” are bound to catch my eye (and mouse click).
  • Facebook login.  Sometimes filling out a form is just too much to ask a lackadaisical human like myself. One-click Facebook login solves that problem.
  • Examples.  In case you don’t get the concept, a tantalizing example is sure to do the trick. “Get a used iPad 2 for $500?” Count me in.

landing page optimization tips, best landing page designs, landing page examplesGood stuff. But it’s a mobile app, so aren’t users more likely to navigate this site on their smartphones?

Don’t worry – they thought of that too. The mobile landing page is friendly, easy to navigate and even points users to the mobile app for a prime Zarrly-ing experience.

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