Best Landing Pages:

Ever since its launch, the iPhone photo app Instagram has been a media darling. With Facebook and Twitter feeds being flooded with photos of pets and food, users have found themselves wanting to print and frame their pics. Snapstagram has answered their call, and is doing so with a nifty landing page, too.

Here’s why made our list of Best Landing Page Designs:

Simple, attractive design – The Snapstagram team followed the old newspaper rule of putting the most important information above the fold, and doesn’t bother with a lot of extra bells and whistles. The sleek black and white page makes the photos stand out even more, and all the information a user would need is immediately accessible.

Snapstagram, Snapstagram screenshot, best landing pagesProduct showcase – In addition to the wealth of information the slider displays (including pricing), it also shows off actual Instagram prints made with the service. When customers can see what the product will look like, they are far more likely to trust the service and make a purchase.

Snapstagram, Snapstagram screenshot, best landing pagesSimple to use – As the slider says, Instagram users only need to log in, choose their prints and order them. The ‘sign in with Instagram’ icon is prominently displayed, helping customers get started immediately.

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