Best Landing Page Designs: Camera+

There is no shortage of iPhone photography apps floating around the App Store, but one that stands out from the pack is tap tap tap’s Camera+. The app includes a host of tools to beautify your photos, from exposure and focus control to a photo flashlight, camera stabilizer, 6x zoom and effects that rival those of Instagram. These features are enough to put a smile on any mobile photographer’s face, but what pleases us most is Camera+’s web-based landing page.

Here’s why Camera+ made our list of Best Landing Page Designs:

  • See the tools for yourself.  Our screenshot doesn’t capture the magic, but if you head to Camera+’s site you can see a reel of all the tools in action.
  • Video intro.  Photographer Lisa Bettany partnered with developers to create Camera+’s effects and editing tools. Look no further than their landing page to see a video of Lisa explaining how these features work.
  • Carousel of testimonials.  In the lower left corner of the landing page you’ll see a rotating list of praise from publications like TechCrunch, TIME Magazine and Lifehacker.

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