Best Landing Page Designs: BabbaCo

You may remember BabbaCo from all of the buzz surrounding their 2011 Techweek COMPETE win. Founded in Chicago by Jessica Kim, BabbaCo’s mission is to make learning fun for young children. The subscription service targets parents of children between the ages of three and six, sending a monthly educational activity kit to customers’ homes. The boxes arrive filled with projects, activities, books, digital downloads and online content to engage kids.

Here’s why this hometown company made our list of best landing page designs:

BabbaCo Landing Page

Three ways to learn – The three main tabs allow parents to check out the BabbaBox in various formats: pictures, videos and text. There are even “BabbaBox in Action” photos along the bottom to show real life experiences with the content.

BabbaCo Landing Page

BabbaCo Form

Don’t have to dig for pricing info – Pricing information is immediately apparent – in fact, parents can pick the package they want directly from the form. Plus, making the actual form available early on in the decision making process is wise because it allows parents to start the signup process at any point – impulse buys included.

Personal connection – Asking for the child’s name, birthday and gender right away does two things. First, it helps to build a personal connection between family and the brand, and second, it reassures parents that the content is built specifically for their child’s needs based on age and gender.


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