5 Handy Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers


Between curating, posting and tracking, the day-to-day tasks of digital marketing can quickly become tedious. But if you’re a Google Chrome user, saving time is as simple as downloading a few free extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Here are five extensions that keep us on track.

Google Analytics URL Builder

If you care about where your traffic came from (of course you do!) appending links for each sharing platform is vital. But in the fast-paced world of social sharing, navigating to Google URL Builder and completing the form is not always ideal. Save yourself a few minutes with the Google Analytics URL Builder extension, which lets you quickly append the link of the page you’re on. And if you really want to save time, you can build quick sets to autofill source, medium and campaign fields for each platform. Best of all, the extension connects to bitly accounts to automatically shorten those ugly appended links.

Check out Google Analytics URL Builder in the Chrome Web Store


Pocket has to be the most straightforward article saving tool that I’ve encountered thus far. When you find an interesting article but want to read it later, simply “pocket” it for later viewing on any device.  Pocket’s handy Chrome extension speeds up the already easy process, saving articles in a single click.

Check out Pocket in the Chrome Web Store 

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote‘s notebook, notes and tags system organizes your complicated digital life into neat, searchable piles. By throwing the Evernote Web Clipper in the mix, you can add content quickly while maintaining organization; rather than throwing saved content into one chaotic pile, Web Clipper asks you exactly where you want to place it.

Check out Evernote Web Clipper in the Chrome Web Store


Buffer makes it easy to share content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and the app’s Google Chrome Extension is really the icing on the cake. When you find an article you want to share, simply hit the Buffer icon in your browser window and Buffer will automatically formulate the tweet for you – title, link and all. And rather than sharing ten tweets right on top of each other, Buffer sends tweets into your queue to be spread out over the course of the day. For bonus points, use Tweriod to identify the best times to tweet and automatically send that info to Buffer.

Check out Buffer in the Chrome Web Store

Do Share

If you’re like most of us, you have high hopes for Google Plus but can’t quite seem to commit to yet another social platform. Here to save the day is Do Share, a free Google Chrome extension that makes sharing and scheduling content on Google Plus fast and easy. Hit the app icon to share articles, add pictures or schedule content for later.

Check out Do Share in the Chrome Web Store

Which Google Chrome extensions do you rely on? Share your favorites with us below.