Noteworthy Blog: 4 Ways Evernote Keeps Content Fresh

From user-generated content to tips and a variety of online events, Evernote’s Noteworthy blog uses top-notch content to keep devoted fans coming back for more. Evernote makes content marketing look easy given the Web’s enthusiasm for the archiving software, but these four strategies can actually be adopted by B2B and B2C brands of all shapes and sizes.

User-generated content

Noteworthy turns the focus to Evernote users with user-generated content. From an architect to a musician to a fire and rescue captain, the posts cover the unique ways that people use the tools from a variety of industry perspectives. It’s a nice way to simultaneously recognize fans and share products tips.

Evernote Content Marketing

Helpful product tips

You know by now that content marketing should be more than just an endless song of praise for your own products, but that’s not to say that the occasional how-to post isn’t useful. Evernote thoroughly covers new products and updates with the help of screenshots and video.

Evernote Content Marketing

Virtual events

The Evernote team hosts a variety of virtual community challenges to “have fun together and to find new ways to get more out of Evernote.” Evernote Ambassadors organize the events, which range from Knit-Alongs to Cook-Alongs. Tips and other key documents are hosted on Evernote, and users are encouraged to post about events on social outlets including Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs.

Evernote Content Marketing

Recycled content

A regular “Week in Review” post gives users a second chance to see content. When done right, content recycling is a great way to get the most out of a well-written piece.

Evernote Content Marketing

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