3 Ways to Boost Your Presence for Mom Mobile Shoppers

marketing to moms on mobile

If you thought mobile purchases were just for Millennials, think again. A new study from Alliance Data found that over half of the mom Internet users they surveyed use a smartphone or tablet as part of their shopping process on a weekly or daily basis. What are they shopping for? 56% use a smart device to shop for clothes (for themselves and their family), 47% buy beauty products, 42% buy household products, 39% buy toys and 31% buy items they need for their kids. If your brand falls into one of those categories, you need to make sure your mobile strategy is keeping your brand top-of-mind. Here’s how you can boost your brand’s mobile visibility.

Launch (or optimize) your mobile PPC campaign.

Help users find what they’re looking for faster by optimizing your pay-per-click campaign. They might be in a hurry or they might not, but the faster they can find a relevant link, the sooner the purchase process can begin. Make sure that you’ve got your relevant keywords covered, your users targeted, and your ads optimized to let users know that they will be directed to your mobile site, and not a pinch and zoom nightmare. If you’re not sure where to start, look here to find tips for optimizing your smartphone campaign.

Make sure your mobile site is easy to navigate.

It’s becoming more and more common for mobile users in general, and mobile moms specifically, to “showroom” i.e. compare product prices in store by using a mobile device. This means that your mobile site needs to be as easy to navigate and search as possible. If you don’t already have a mobile site, make that your top priority. If you do, give it a second look and make sure that it’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and easy to use to make and complete a purchase. If a user “showrooms” and then runs into an issue trying to purchase your cheaper item, they might get so frustrated that they’ll just buy the more expensive competitor. Keep that from happening by keeping your mobile site running smoothly. If you’re not sure how that might look, check out the differences between StubHub’s mobile and desktop sites.

Consider developing an app.

If you’re a retailer who experiences frequent purchases from a regular base of customers, it makes sense for you to make your shopping experience accessible to users by just tapping an icon. The problem you might run into, though, is app abandonment. Make sure you’re keeping users engaged by creating relevant, interesting push notifications. Since moms are often on the go or too busy to constantly be using their device, time your notifications to be sent when they’re most likely to have some downtime.

Don’t forget that there are moms who don’t rely on mobile to make purchases. Make sure you’re targeting moms online in general by checking out our how-to guide.