How To Target Moms Online

Moms Online

I’m willing to bet that yesterday’s holiday caused a sharp spike in flower, greeting card and brunch sales. But the other 364 days of the year, it’s moms who are known for their purchasing power. Fresh off the Mother’s Day holiday, let’s take a look at what moms look like in terms of both purchasing power and online habits.

Digital Purchase Influences for Moms

We know that moms hold the purchasing power at home, but what factors determine whether mom buys Product A or Product B? According to a study from Totsy, product reviews are the top influencer. Nearly half (49.5%) of mom internet users say that product reviews are the most influential factor in terms of purchase decisions. But several other online factors play a part, including friends’ opinions online, blogs and general social media buzz. How To Target Moms Online

Where Are Moms on Social Media?

A March 2013 study from comScore shows that moms are a socially savvy bunch. In fact, more than 90% of mom Internet users say they use social media regularly. They spend a ton of time on Facebook — when you include mobile usage, they spend 260% more time on the network than the general population. But they also use other networks, most notably YouTube. About a quarter of internet moms use Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Target Moms OnlineRecommendations

Of course the best platforms for your brand depend both on the product itself and demographics more specific than “mom.” But overall your focus should be on a handful of strategies.

1. Collect product reviews

User-generated product reviews are far and away the most effective tool for persuading moms to make a purchase online. The bad news is that 90% of customers are “silently satisfied,” meaning that while they love your product, they do not express that in the form of a product review. The good news is that there are several strategies you can use to encourage these satisfied customers to pen reviews, from automated email requests to sweepstakes. For more recommendations on soliciting reviews, read How To Encourage Customers to Write Product Reviews.

2. Engage moms on social media

Since friends’ online opinions factor into purchase decisions, it’s important to create compelling social content to get moms talking about your brand. Content curation, discounts, infographics, and contests are all proven conversation starters. For inspiration, check out how the Huggies community management team starts conversations on Twitter as well as Boon’s fine-tuned visual curation efforts on Pinterest.

3. Execute a targeted blogger outreach campaign

About a fifth of internet moms say their purchase decisions are influenced by blogs, so you’ll want your brand to be represented there. Use tools like Technorati and Google Blog Search to identify blogs within your niche, then reach out to each with a custom, thoughtful pitch. The better the story, the better your chances of being picked up. Also keep an eye out on HARO for chances to share your advice or stories with bloggers and journalists. If you’re new to the system, check out 10 Tips for Getting Press as a HARO Source.