Tangle-free headphones

As digital marketers we spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens or hovering over a bowl of ramen listening to music. Whether it’s inspiring, soothing or Rock of Ages-style we’ve gotta have our jams…

When it comes to headphone technology we’re always searching for our next fix. Interestingly enough, with so many solutions out there we still find ourselves faced with the challenge of interwoven wires. There is no one-size-fits all option, rather a multitude of unique innovations.

Whether you have an existing pair of headphones that you would like to improve using the DIY route, or if you’re willing to spend for a specialty pair, here is a roundup of the many available methods of tangle-free headphones.


Tangle Free Headphones from Logitech

Logitech UE 4000
– $99.99

If you appreciate music and don’t want to drop a cool $300.00 on studio headphones the UE 4000 may fit the bill. Recently awarded PCMag.com Editor’s Choice in the headphone category, these high-quality over ear headphones deliver measured frequency response, inline microphone/remote for iOS devices, and detachable, tangle free cable for easy transportation.



Zipbuds  – $19.99

Customizable with bright colors and an exclusive zipper design, these high quality headphones prevent cord tangles by mimicking the up and down action of, well, a zipper. Zipbuds are perfect for trendsetters and for those who enjoy having the latest tech gear. I would take precaution and ask all non-wearers to keep their hands off, because this brings back haunting memories of my zipper-pants wearing days…



Cordcruncher – $24.99

Funded through Kickstarter, CordCruncher Headphones utilize an elastic sleeve (or an “elasto cord zipper”) to keep your wires safe and disentangled, combined with the ability to adjust the cord length between 16 inches and 3.5 feet. They can also be worn around your wrist for easy access. Multipurpose items rock!


a-Jays Four

a-JAYS Four – $79.99

Fully equipped with an iOS remote control and microphone, a-JAYS Four uses flat tangle-free cable technology instead of traditional messy round cords. These ear buds are made specifically for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. Similarly, the a-JAYS One+ is offered for Android users.



Wired – pending

Quick folding headphones are made possible with Wired, which is currently undergoing the production process but holds a “reinforced contact point” feature to prevent breakage and fraying.



Beklin Tune Tie

Belkin Tune Tie – $14 (3 pack)

The Belkin TuneTie is a cord management system that allows you to use only the length you need while keeping the rest of the cord neatly wrapped in place.


The Sinch

The Sinch – $15.99

If you tend to snugly wrap your headphone cords around your listening device, the simplistic magnetic design of The Sinch helps store your cords by essentially clipping them into place. This mechanism is minimal and built to last. The website offers tips and tricks for prime usage.


Ear Bud Yo-Yo

Ear Bud Yo-Yo – $9.99 (solid) – $14.99 (decorative)

This ear bud cable organizer bestows the novelty and nostalgic appeal of the ever-popular yo-yo.


Cable Turtle

Cable Turtle Mini – $4.99

Wrap cords in spool-like fashion and enclose them safely within the bendable flex-cup case.



Applecore – $1.99

In short, it is a spool — complete with top and bottom niches to hold ends in place. Plus, its cute that the red and green versions resemble an actual apple core.



Fishbone Headset Wrap – $2

Less Fruititarian, more Pescetarian? We don’t judge. There’s a Curvyman Cord Supervisor design available, too. Foodies…



Embroidery Headphones

Embroidery Floss Headphones

Also known as “Friendship” headphones, this idea has spread quickly in the Pinterest world. It’s a bit time consuming yet affordable, plus it holds the hipness factor of Zipbuds (above) along with the bracelet wearability benefits of the CordCruncher (also above).


Beaded Earbuds

Beaded Earbeats

Another Pinterest favorite uses Hama beads (or “ironing beads”) to cover all exposed cables.


Binder Clip

Binder Clips

If I could write an entire post about these fantastic little guys, I would. Hanging them off a push pin on the wall is a neat idea for added organization.



Headphone Video Tutorial

Video Tutorials

Maybe it’s time you learned a new skill. YouTube is here to help. With some patience and practice, you’ll be a true ear bud aficionado.


In addition to these ideas, some brands include a complimentary carrying case with your headphones purchase as part of their packaging deal (this includes Bose in-ear and id America Spark headphones). Or you could always go the wireless route and find a pair that runs on batteries.

Got a pair? Want a pair? Let us know which method works best for you.

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