Bluetooth Record Player Roundup: Looks to Fit Any Decade

Buying a Bluetooth record player with speakers means you are looking for all the benefits of modern cordless technology, plus the great sound qualities that can only come from vintage vinyl records. Whether you want a record player with speakers or a minimalist turntable, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken our favorite Bluetooth record player products and arranged them by vintage from oldest to newest.

These products all allow you to use your own Bluetooth or wired speakers to pump out the sound. These players are statement additions to any living room. After all, why have a bluetooth record player if you can’t make a statement? And if you would rather connect your legacy device to a wireless device, check out our Bluetooth transmitter roundup.

1. CMC Portable Bluetooth Record Player with Speakers

Bluetooth record playerAvailable now on Amazon.com

The CMC Bluetooth record player has a certain vintage charm that you can’t find anymore. Sure, it’s a 3-speed record player with speakers like every other item in the list. But for true vintage lovers CMC amps up the design touches. The CMC comes in three distinct natural colors with fabric-lined interior and metal handles, truly harkening to a bygone era. To match, ¬†CMC’s sound quality is repeatedly brought up as loud and rich in many 5-star Amazon reviews. Generally speaking, this is the Bluetooth record player for 50’s lovers. Be sure to read our list of best bluetooth earbuds for a more private listening experience.

2. Victrola Vintage Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player with Speakers

bluetooth record player with speakersAvailable now on Amazon.com

Victrola has been making record players for over 100 years. That kind of heritage brings a certain gravitas that can’t be duplicated. With 18 colors and patterns from which to choose we think Victrola’s classic Bluetooth record player with speakers is one of the most interesting you can own. Why you ask? Look no further than the camouflage or hotrod red editions to see why Victrola isn’t pulling any punches. The suitcase record player also offers a rugged and easy to grip handle with what seems like an indestructible shell. If you don’t have a Bluetooth device handy the two Aux-in and headphone jack ports are super handy. Spoiler alert: Victrola makes it to our list twice – scroll to the bottom to see a very different look from the brand.

3. Akai Professional BT500 Premium Belt-Drive Wireless Turntable

bluetooth turntableAvailable now on Amazon.com

While this isn’t a record player with speakers, it is one of the finest looking turntables we have ever seen. The glossy grain looks perfectly vintage, but somehow modern at the same time. The beautiful, heavy silver accents complement the darker colors well, and can fit perfectly in an aspiring Don Draper’s New York apartment. Finishing touches like a leveling bubble with adjustable feet and die-cast anti-resonance aluminum platter on a non-slip rubber mat hammer home the feeling of complete luxury. It’s worth noting the fine wood grain on Akai’s turntable could be paired with a product from our list of wood headphones.

4. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK-BT Bluetooth Record Player

bluetooth record playerAvailable now on Amazon.com

With a clear leap into the modern era of music, the Audio Technica’s still retro-cool AT-LP6 is a real stunner. Not only are the looks on point, but professional-level features like a switchable built-in pre-amp that enables wired connection to components with or without a dedicated turntable input mean equipment aficionados will be completely satisfied. While there are only two color options, Audio Technica offers a beautiful overall look. Buyers suggest pairing with the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker for maximum sound impact.

5. Innovative Technology Classic Retro Bluetooth Stereo System

bluetooth record player with speakersAvailable now on Amazon.com

We love the ’80s! You can’t enjoy the era of big hair and big dreams without big sound. The period that brought us the all-in-one stereo system is now updated for 2017. Innovative Technologies’ system includes a turntable with CD player and FM radio, which ensures your content is always at your fingertips. Multimedia paired with Bluetooth for wireless streaming and 50 watts of stereo sound power will send retrophiles and audiophiles to a happy place. The Classic is truly a Bluetooth record player with speakers on steroids.

6. ION Audio Air LP Turntable

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Though the turntable is not a true record player with speakers the ION looks as good as it sounds. The sleek turntable has tech chops to go with it’s good looks via included “EZ” vinyl/tape converter software. The program converts analog material to digital files via USB. That’s a feature totally unique to this list, and one that may make the ION an easy buying choice for vinyl record enthusiasts. The glossy, piano key finish is the only color option available – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it fits your aesthetic. The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker also makes an appearance as a frequently purchased pair.

7. Victrola Modern 3-Speed Bluetooth Record Player with Speakers

bluetooth record player with speakersAvailable now on Amazon.com

Making a second appearance on our list of Bluetooth record players with speakers, Victrola takes us to the future with a ultra-modern, minimalist design available in a variety of fun colors. True to form, the Victrola system includes all the standard equipment in a unique package and delivers predictable, vibrant vinyl sound. There’s also something special about a brand that has been around doing the same thing since 1906.

That’s a wrap on our exploration into the blending of old school vinyl music and new wireless tech. We scoured the web to find Bluetooth record players with speakers to match any decor or personal taste. And while there aren’t thousands of brands from which to pick like other categories (we see you, wireless headphones), there are indeed standouts. Happy listening, fellow vinylholic!