USB Bracelet Roundup: The Coolest Values in USB Wristband Tech

Call it a USB bracelet, USB wristband, or flash drive bracelet, having connected tech means fewer tangled wires and cords. A cool USB bracelet is also an opportunity to make a fashion statement in a world increasingly combining technology and wearability. Our up to the second list covers the best value, style, and functionality available today. We also direct you straight to the best price on Amazon, ensuring products have at least a 4.0/5.0 star rating with a significant number of reviews. There’s a lot of bad tech out there, so we’ve got to make sure we keep it honest!

1. KOOTION 64GB USB Bracelet

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While it may not be the first name that comes to mind when buying a USB wristband, KOOTION has proven to be one of the best brands in the category. Their fun, silicone, and exceedingly comfortable band is designed to look like a smart bracelet. The included USB flash drive comes in up to 64 gigabytes, more than enough to get the job done. The silicone band fits wrists of any size without managing to feel tight or loose, a major selling point if you have tried a less flexible USB bracelet. Top it off with multiple colors and KOOTION flash drive bracelet easily makes the number one spot on our roundup.

2. FEBNISCTE 16GB USB Bracelet Multi-pack

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Despite the fact that the UBS bracelet category is still new, you can still find a perfect mix of quality and value. Take the FEBNISCTE USB wristband multi-pack: Your order includes not one, but a TEN PIECE flash drive bracelet set in a variety of colors. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat for the money, and if you don’t need anything more than 16GB it’s perfect. It seems FEBNISCTE is selling quite a few of these units, so you may find that only a few packs are left for sale at the larger storage end. All the more satisfying if you do happen to snag this deal, and you can match colors to other devices in your arsenal (pink headphones, anybody?).

3. Verbatim 16GB USB Dog Tag Flash Drive Bracelet

usb dog tag

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Dog tags are in style, and this clever combination of a 16GB USB flash drive and a dog tag style chain will instantly add something special to your look. At home as either a USB bracelet or necklace, the Verbatim is backed by a highly recognizable brand name. Over 1200 nearly perfect customer reviews help make this USB wristband or necklace a slam dunk addition to our roundup. The bead chain can be easily lengthened or shortened, adding to the customizability of the product. Unfortunately, personalized engraving is not available through Verbatim.

4. Honorable Mention: Kingston Digital 128GB Data Traveler

usb drive bracelet

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While Kingston’s slick, modernist take on a drive isn’t a USB bracelet, it deserves mention for a slick look and huge storage size. Weighing in at 128 gigabytes of storage space the Kingston is king of the block. The sleek brushed metal look would make for a great keychain addition and certainly delivers on a futurist techie vibe. If you do have big data needs, Kingston should be your top choice for small USB drives.

You don’t have to become a fashion brand ambassador on Instagram to integrate tech with your look. The USB bracelet may not be mainstream, but it’s far from impractical. Use a USB bracelet to carry your music, secure your hardware with 2-factor security, or keep sensitive data close at hand. Looking for more great portable accessories? Check out our roundup of the best Bluetooth earbuds or buy the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers to keep the party going on the road.