Earbuds to AirPods – A Timeline of Apple’s Iconic White Headgear

AirPods may not save the most creative hardware company in the world. Lately, Apple is getting a bad rap. From MacBooks with battery issues to slow to grow desktops, it’s easy to forget how innovative the company has been throughout the last 15 years.

Let’s take a quick look at the timeline of Apple headphones and how they helped forge a visual language for an iconic brand. Read through the timeline, then check out our review of Apple AirPods and our list of AirPod alternatives for under $50.

2001: The Birth of the Earbud

In 2001 Apple introduces the iPod, complete with stark white headphones many consider the real stars. The trend-setting headgear sounds great, and more importantly sets a new yuppie standard for commuter fashion. No one cares that you have 1,000 songs in your pocket when you are rocking these flashy white Earbuds on the subway to work. Sometimes they gave you a mild shock, no big deal.

First Apple Earbuds iPod Gen 1

2007: iPhone Changes the Game

Apple’s original Earbuds go through a small iteration after 2001 to add a volume controller, but no real cosmetics change until the release of the iPhone. In 2007, Apple makes the big announcement that changes everything. Paired with every iPhone is a shiny new set of Earbuds, complete with a remote control and included microphone. The sound quality and fit are far better than iPod-only predecessors. The cord tangled. A lot. This “feature” may have spawned countless tangle free earbuds we know today.

Apple Earbuds iPod Gen 2

2008: The WTF In-Ear Headphones

In a bid to confuse customers, Apple releases what is marketed as a higher end version of the standard Earbud: the In-Ear Headphones. These odd, medical-device looking headphones are designed to cram into your ear canal via rubber plugs. In theory, you are supposed to get better sound while reducing ambient noise. In practice nobody buys them, and they are quickly relegated to a reduced inventory.

Apple Odd In Ear Headphones

2011: Siri Brings New Features to Apple Earbuds

We’re still not sure how Siri will fit into our lives (if ever). There’s just something annoying about people talking loudly into their headphones in public we can’t get over. That said, Apple causes a press stir when they announce voice commands are integrated into iPhone Earbuds along with new click functionality.

Apple Headphones with Microphone innovation

2012: EarPods Make the Scene on Top of iPhone 5

After a 5-year run, Apple shelves the Earbuds to release the EarPods. Shipping with the dramatically redesigned iPhone 5, the EarPods introduce a new shape and new hardware to better fit the human ear. While they are a bit uncomfortable at first, the universally lauded superior sound and shape catch on quickly. It’s worth noting that although new colors of the iPhone 5 are being introduced, Apple refuses to change the bright white on their EarPods.

Apple Earpods 2017

2016: AirPods Barely Make the Year

Apple certainly demonstrates that 15 years can bring a lot of innovation in product design, right down to the headphones. With the delayed release of AirPods, Apple is taking a stand. Starting as wired, tangled messes that caused more than one customer slight inner ear shocks in 2001, Apple has cut all cords while retaining the basic shape that continues to make a brand of portable devices a defining fashion and culture item. While some early complaints point to device incompatibility and poor battery life (for alternatives check out our roundup of the best Bluetooth earbuds for power users) Want to know what we think about the AirPods? Check out our review of Apple AirPods.

Apple Airpods 2017 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

2017+: Has Apple Run It’s Course?

It’s no secret that Apple is under extreme pressures from competitors muscling in on the creative customer to international assembly and trade pressures. The brand has been redefined and revitalized by the iPod, an incredible device that changed the portable music game. Then, impossibly, Apple continued to redefine the playing field via iPhone. Can the company known for shaping the media history of an entire generation catch lightning in a bottle three times in a quarter century? Only time will tell. Until then, Apple fans will keep rocking the iconic white headgear. Not sure you want to buy in to the hype? Check out our list of outstanding AirPod alternatives for under $50.