Which iPhone 7 Adapter is Right for Me? iPhone 7 Headphones Jack Roundup

Looking for the perfect iPhone 7 adapter that fits conveniently into the unique iPhone 7 headphones jack in a post 3.5 mm world? We’ve compiled a list of the best brand and third party products to extend Lightning Port functionality for your iPhone.

Every iPhone 7 adapter has to fit the new iPhone 7 headphones jack

It’s no secret that Apple made a lot of people angry by removing the traditional 3.5 mm jack altogether. But why? In what is likely one of the most argued changes in smartphone history, Apple altered the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to include the now ubiquitous Lighting Port. There have been many arguments for this port, and many arguments against it. In the end, Apple fans had to either change from a 3.5 mm jack altogether or simply switch to Android. For many Apple loyalists, switching is not an option.

Apple is not completely oblivious to the situation. Included in all new iPhone 7 boxes is an iPhone 7 adapter that converts lightning to 3.5 mm plug. Here’s the picture Apple originally used to introduce the iPhone 7 adapter, and here’s a link for anyone that needs to buy this exact converter today.

iPhone 7 Adapter

Keep in mind, at the time of the iPhone 7 launch there were no Bluetooth Airpods (though there were many excellent and inexpensive Bluetooth headphones options). That said, this image was universally panned as a poor and inelegant solution to a major design fail. Simply including a little iPhone 7 adapter as an acceptable solution was met with negative reviews and general anger at having to buy all new accessories. At the time there were no other uses for the Lightning Port on an iPhone. Nor had accessory manufacturers released a wide array of products.

 iPhone 7 headphones aren’t the only things Lightning Port is good for…

We live in a time where Apple has released multiple phones with Lightning Port as the only plug. That means that an iPhone 7 adapter can do much more than just convert old 3.5 mm jack headphones into iPhone 7 headphones. Let’s take a look at the most interesting uses of an iPhone 7 adapter. Remember all of these products are compatible with the iPhone 7, 8, and X, as well as any other smartphones with Lightning Ports.

1. A8 Power’s iPhone 7 Adapter 

iPhone 7 Headphones Adapter 3.5 mm Jack

A8 Power has a Swiss army knife of an iPhone 7 adapter. This 2-in-1 adapter allows you to choose 3.5 mm jack or Lightning Port headphones while charging your device at the same time. It solves a major design flaw with the iPhone 7: charging the battery while taking a call or listening to music. Previously your only option was to go wireless or get lost. Now a simple, under $20 fix can give you everything in one sleek and portable design.


  • Sleek, portable design means the adapter is useful and discrete. Because who wants a giant dongle hanging off of the bottom of a sleek iPhone 7/8/X?
  • Durable materials include full metal contacts at all ports. That’s important because after many months of use plastic ports can begin to warp or bend out of shape. That means the contact area for the iPhone 7 adapter can become loose and plugs may fall out. Thanks to an investment in stronger materials that won’t happen with A8 Power’s adapter.
  • Allows you to conveniently connect to your home sound system receiver without Bluetooth.
  • Charge while using. The biggest design problem of the iPhone 7 is solved with this simple adapter. You can now use corded iPhone 7 headphones and charge at the same time.
  • iPhone 7 headphones are easy to manage when they are corded. This product allows you to easily use existing headphones without purchasing new ones. Even low cost tangle free headphones cost money, so in some ways this product pays for itself when you buy it.


  • Black is the only color option. Since black isn’t even an official iPhone color any longer, it may offend those who feel compelled to match. That said, black is about as muted as you can be with an iPhone 7 adapter.
  • Sound cannot be split. You can pick between the 3.5 mm jack and Lightning Port to listen through headphones, but not both. It may seem that you could plug in 2 pairs of headphones for sharing audio with a friend. We went through the same logic. Unfortunately it just isn’t possible due to the way Lightning Port functions when active.

While there are many alternatives to the A8 Power adapter, we’ve found that general consumer consensus says this is the most durable product on the market. That’s important when you are constantly plugging and unplugging devices. Charging is also no laughing matter, as iPhone batteries can be prone to failure over time if exposed to improper charging devices.

2. Heloideo 15000mAh iPhone Lightning Cable Power Bank 

iPhone 7 Headphones Adapter Power Bank

Now that you have your listening capabilities sorted it’s time to talk power. One of the fun parts about buying a newer model iPhone is the need to totally revamp plugs. That means your charging cord needs to be changed too. Thankfully it’s also a good excuse to invest in a product like Heloideo’s power bank. The portable battery also has a fold out wall plug, meaning it doubles as a power cable for at home use. The full capabilities of the Lightning Port can be put to use in combination with the A8 adapter above. That means you can charge and talk/listen on the go.


  • 2 colors to choose from means you won’t be stuck with black. There’s also an attractive blue option with glossy coating.
  • Truly suited to the global traveler with its 100-240V voltage design. That means the Heloideo is suitable for use in many areas of the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and many more.
  • Huge battery capacity means you can fully charge an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 5 times, an iPad Air 2 1.5 times, and an iPad mini 4.2 times.


  • Shorter lightning cable means you can’t stray too far from a wall outlet when simultaneously charging an iPhone 7 and the power pack.
  • The larger capacity of the power pack also means a larger size. While it’s not unmanageable, you’ll probably want to carry it in a backpack or purse.
  • Thanks to new TSA regulations covering spare batteries you cannot leave the Heloideo in your checked baggage. Carry it onto the plane or leave it at home!

3. Lightning to HDMI iPhone 7 Adapter 

Lightning HDMI iPhone 7 Adapter
When it’s time to go big you’ll need an iPhone 7 adapter capable of connecting to HDMI. Thanks to a new streaming world of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video we’ve never had more media at our fingertips. But what if you want to stream to the big screen while on vacation or at a friend’s house? This is where the iPhone 7 adapter comes in handy. Turn that iPhone 7 headphones jack into a 1080p streaming machine with Tania’s Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Not only do you get a fully capable HDMI port that will connect to all modern big screens, but you also get Lightning passthrough connectivity to keep your phone charged while you stream. That’s a mandatory when downloading high-resolution video and blasting it out to the big screen in full 1080p glory.


  • Sleek white look that mimics Apple’s other dongles for USB-C and Lightning.
  • Standard HDMI functionality with no additional software or setup needed. Simply plug the iPhone 7 adapter into the Lightning Port and then plug a standard HDMI cable into the adapter. Voila! Your screen will be projected out to the attached device.
  • Lightning passthrough port means you can charge while you watch. You can probably plug other things in here too, like iPhone 7 headphones, but because HDMI carries full surround sound as part of the package you won’t need them.
  • Tania’s adapter is much less expensive than purchasing directly from Apple, but does the exact same job.


  • While HDMI is great, many older screens don’t use it as a standard. Check to make sure your device is compatible with HDMI. If you’re on the road in a foreign country there’s a chance HDMI won’t be supported because you’ll be dealing with an older TV.

Thanks to our list you now have every iPhone 7 adapter you can possibly need. There are a number of outlier adapters on the market for specific uses, so if this list doesn’t cover what you need try a quick search on Amazon. Be sure to pick products that have at least 25 positive reviews. Adapter manufacturers are notorious for creating low quality knockoffs and selling them at double the price to make a quick buck!