The 7 Best Braided Earbuds and Headphones of 2017

Braided earbuds and headphones with braided cords are all the rage in 2017. These colorful, affordable tangle free cord components are great to have as fashion accessories for you or to give as gifts. Looking to cut the cord completely? We’ve rounded up the best Bluetooth earbuds for power users.

To make our top list of braided earphones, earbuds, and headphones these products have to meet our extensive durable earbuds test, meet high standards of materials and construction, be rated at least 4/5 stars by a significant number of customers, and come with perks like free shipping through Amazon.com. Read on, and get ready to add some color to your sonic lifestyle.

1. Symphonized MTRX Genuine Wood Braided Earbuds

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Amazing quality, beautiful construction. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

If wooden headphones are your thing, look no further than Symphonized. Their newest premium edition MTRX comes with a bevy of accessories, but also includes new color schemes on the braided cord. And with this brand, function does follow form. You’ll enjoy premium sound and show off your own unique style.

2. Tweedz Durable, Braided Earbuds With Nylon Cord

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The original nylon braided headphones in a variety of colors. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

Tweedz has made a name for themselves in the braided earbud space. Even in a world dominated by best cordless earbuds, these are still one of the standout brands in the pack. When you’ve been making braided earbuds for as long as Tweedz, you learn a few things. Their latest edition includes new colors, better durability, and upgraded sound quality. If you’re in the market for a slightly higher price point, Tweedz are a no-brainer.

3. Braided Earbuds from Symphonized XTC Premium with Genuine Wood

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Natural materials, fun colors. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

The original XTC braided cord earbuds are still fantastic, even though their bigger brother, the Symphonized MTRX took the top spot on our list. With a slightly lower price point and almost all of the sound quality, you’ll sacrifice a few style points for buying last years’ model. These headphones are still super classy, and are easily differentiated from other more traditional earbuds with braided nylon cords.

4. Daruma Wave High Definition Braided Earbuds

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Superior sound, unique look. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

Daruma have been making headphones for quite a while, and their foray into braided earbuds is a welcome addition. In fact, you can buy matching nylon cords to connect other devices, potentially setting you up for a cord style coup de gras. We also found an opportunity to upscale our wearable tech wardrobe by adding in a USB bracelet. Despite their small size, the Wave earbuds are cool to look at with unusually rich sound.

5. Kingtech V1 In-ear Sports Braided Earphones

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Newcomer brand, perfect for an active lifestyle. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

Though Kingtech hasn’t been in the headphone game forever, their new V1 earbuds feature a unique design that grips your head, making them perfect for active movement. They are also the only braided earbuds on our list to be water resistant. While that’s a far cry from being waterproof headphones or earbuds, its still a welcome feature for hot days.

6. Kinwal Nylon Braided Headphones

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Cost-effective and excellent sound for the money. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

Kinwal offer excellent, albeit no-frills braided earbuds. While they aren’t the glitziest earbuds on our list, they are inexpensive and still provide quality sound, while managing to get high quality nylon braiding worked into the equation. You may want to buy a couple of pairs, one to use and one as backups while prices remain low.

7. ROCK SPACE Y2 Braided Earbuds

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Rich, loud sound with fully braided nylon cord. Now with free shipping on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.

ROCK Space is selling glam with their new Y2 braided earbuds. While these get the style job done, the nylon cord is only on the back half of the device (after the earbuds left and right ear cords unite). While that may seem strange, we actually find it to be a little lighter to wear, and somewhat easier to pull out of a full bag. The sound quality is also rich and delivers more than you expect, inching these on to our best list.

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