Zaarly Anywhere Weaves Local Commerce Into Content Across the Web

For over a year now the Zaarly team has plugged away at its mission to revolutionize local commerce. I, for one, take every on-and-offline instance to banter on about the endless possibilities the service provides, but in case you’ve missed out, here’s the gist: Zaarly is a marketplace for buying and selling things locally. The app puts buyers at the center of transactions, allowing them to make requests of all shapes and sizes with the price tag included.

Launched in May of 2011, the service revolved around a mobile app, and for the most part remained in the mobile realm. But with the latest product launch, Zaarly hopes to make its mark on the Web as a whole.

Zaarly AnywhereThe new Zaarly Anywhere integrates the marketplace concept into sites across the web, allowing visitors to request products they see on various sites with the click of a button. So say, for instance, you’re browsing Ikea Hackers and find yourself fancying the elaborate workstation to the right, but you definitely don’t have the carpentry skills to make your own – that’s where Zaarly Anywhere comes in. With a click of the onsite Zaarly button you can put in a request with your own price tag, and local DIY-ers will contact you with their offers.

Zaarly Anywhere

Zaarly AnywhereTo kick things off Zaarly Anywhere is launching with seven superstar partners including Everyday Health, The Fancy, Los Angeles Times’ Home Section, Cookstr, IKEA Hackers, Remodelaholic and Simplified Building.

I had the chance to sit down with Eric Jorgensen, the Operations guy over at Zaarly, to talk about this new project and the opportunities it holds for content producers across the Web.

How will Zaarly Anywhere change the future of online commerce?

EJ: The biggest change in online commerce with Zaarly Anywhere is the connection from online to offline. The ability to find something online that may not be listed for sale or even exist yet, and purchase it. By connecting you to talented local people based on the inspiring items you find online, we’re creating an unprecedented, seamless experience between you exploring your dreams, and Zaarly helping them come true. 

How will publisher sites benefit from Zaarly Anywhere?

EJ: The Zaarly Anywhere partners benefit from an entirely new way to monetize their content, by providing convenience and service to their readers. Rather than ads or subscription fees, hosting Zaarly Anywhere is an added benefit to their readers, a feature that distinguishes them from their competition. Partners will also be a part of a revenue-sharing program based on the transactions that come through their content.

Which types of publishers/industries do you imagine will get the most out of this tool?

EJ: I think this is actually way too soon to tell. We’ve launched with a number of partners that are varied in their industries, and we intend to learn a lot from what happens with them in the next few months. There will also be more partners added as we continue to grow the program, and I anticipate that we’ll see some very creative uses in the future.

Can you talk a bit about this new local commerce idea?

EJ: Well, local commerce isn’t a very new idea. It happens all day, every day. But that’s not to say that it can’t be streamlined. There are a lot of benefits to bringing some transparency and efficiency to this area of the economy, so that’s our goal.


Do you think Zaarly Anywhere has the power to monetize content throughout the Web? Share your thoughts below. For more information on Zaarly button to your online content, visit www.zaarly.com/anywhere.