Yapp.Us Can Turn Any Brand Marketer into an App Developer

Grand opening events, fundraisers and conferences can be very effective for new or established small businesses looking to revamp or rebuild their presence. But how can you get your event to stand apart from the rest? Toss an app into the mix.

Yapp.Us is making it easy for the average smartphone user to create their own apps for personal events and gatherings and that accessibility expands to apps for any event you can think of. Perfect for small businesses, the Yapp site and app make it easy to create a personalized, sleek app for a grand opening event, a fundraising event or a conference.

Setup is simple and straightforward — just choose from a variety of attractive templates and then personalize it to fit your specific event. Users can also upload gallery photos, import newsfeeds from Twitter (think event-specific hashtags) and personalize the date, time, location and description.

By creating an app for your business’ event, you give your event a new audience to appeal to while giving your current audience a new way to engage with you.

Apps or mobile ads? Decide which is the best fit for your brand with our helpful guide here.