WordPress Builds a More Secure Content Portal


When you a portal for your brand content marketing efforts- you consider many factors: How easy is the service to use? How customizable is it? Is it mobile-optimized?

Have you ever thought about how secure your content portal is?

You should.

Last week, WordPress, a popular site amongst content-marketers, announced that by year’s end they will be serving pages only over SSL. SSL, or secure sockets layer, is a protocol that uses a cryptographic system to send information securely between a client and a server. This will make WordPress a more secure content portal.

This means that information you send via WordPress will be encrypted, making it harder for hackers, and even government organizations like the NSA to access information that you do not want to be seen by the public. WordPress has taken this step in light of the revelation that the NSA and other government organizations have been collecting massive amounts of data from various websites on users of those sites. When the now infamous Edward Snowden leaked this information last year, many web-users were outraged. Many felt like their privacy had been violated. Companies like Automattic (who produce WordPress) are now taking actions to assuage the fears of their users. The change to SSL is part of an overall effort by many individuals and organizations called “Reset the Net.”

Why should you care if you’re a content marketer?

A secure content portal is a happy content portal. Much of the information you input on the backend of your content portal is proprietary, and needs to be kept private. You wouldn’t want your competitors, or malicious hackers to gain access to this information. When choosing a content portal, security is something you should keep in mind. While much of the content on your site needs to be made public, there will always be information that you want kept private and secure. It is encouraging to see WordPress offer more robust security on their site, and hopefully, WordPress’s competitors will soon follow suit.