Will AdTrap Kill the Online Ad?

There’s no denying that ads have taken over the digital sphere. From YouTube, to Hulu, to even blogs — ads have seemingly popped up in every free space available. A new Kickstarter project, however, is aiming to bring web users back to the days when the “[I]nternet was free and uncluttered.”

Chad Russell is realizing his dream of an uncluttered Internet with the AdTrap. He describes it as an easy and convenient way to say sayonara to online advertising:

Simply put, AdTrap is a small, zero configuration device that removes ads from your internet connection before they reach any of your home devices. Video, music streams and mobile apps and websites, all ad free.  

One of the great things about AdTrap is that it’s browser independent and works with any of your connected WiFi devices. The possibilities are endless here; Android, Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV, tablets and phones. AdTrap is self configuring and self updating. You can also hookup AdTrap directly between your computer and the wall/switch (work, hotel, conference room), again zero configuration. Just plug it in, sit back and enjoy an ad free internet experience!

Russell has already found an audience for the AdTrap — with (as of this writing) 26 days to go in the campaign, over 500 enthusiastic supporters have pledged over $60,000 of Russell’s $150,000 goal. Although the “Early Bird” deals on the AdTrap have sold out, supporters can still get their own device for a pledge of $120.

If the project is successfully funded, as it appears it will be, what affect will it have, if any, on the world of online advertising? Will the abundance of ads go down? Will brands’ desire to use them decrease? Share your thoughts with us!