Which Device Wins in the Battle of the Screens?

Nearly 70% of tablet and smartphone owners use their device while watching TV, and a recent study has determined that smartphones can work to bring attention to or detract from televised advertisements.

Hill Holliday and SecondScreen Networks conducted the study to determine how much of an impact multitasking with smartphones has on the efficacy of TV ad spots.

“The main highlight from the study was that if the consumer is seeing an ad on TV and a different ad on smartphone, both the spot and the digital ad are less effective,” Seth Tapper, CEO of SecondScreen Networks said.

However, the study also found that when both ads are in sync in real-time, they are both at their most effective. This multiple exposure reinforces the brand and product behind the ad. Some companies, like SecondScreen Networks, are working to bridge the gap between the TV and the so-called second screen of tablets and smartphones. The company identifies commercials airing in real-time, and then serves rich media ads matching the TV spot.

Other brands have taken an alternate approach in the battle of the screens by incorporating interactive elements in commercials, where viewers are encouraged to use apps like Shazam and QR code readers to unlock exclusive offers and content.

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