Facebook Exchange Brings Retargeting to the News Feed

Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange Ads are brilliant in theory. The network renders ads based on each individual user’s browser history to remind consumers of items they have previously sought out online, all in one convenient Facebook setting. The combination of repetition and relevance make retargeting a sweet spot for consumers and advertisers alike.

The problem is, users don’t log in to Facebook to browse that righthand ad column — in fact, many of us outright ignore it. That’s why Facebook Exchange is introducing Page Post ads, which means advertisers can now run retargeted advertising directly in the separate ad column or directly in the News Feed.

Not surprisingly, the News Feed is the most highly trafficked part of Facebook. Ads have appeared in the News Feed for several months now in the form of Suggested Posts and Sponsored Stories, but by adding the retargeting element Facebook hopes to allow advertisers to bring increasingly relevant content to users. Not a bad idea, considering that many consumers appreciate the added relevance that retargeted advertising offers.

FBX ads in the News Feed will sport the standard Facebook advertising setup, including headline, link and image. The ad actually looks a lot like an organic post, except for the “Sponsored” disclosure mark at the bottom.

FBX Page Post Ad

From the user perspective, Facebook says that the update will not change the number of ads people actually see in their News Feeds.