Vine TV Ads Debut from Dunkin Donuts, Trident

dunkin donuts vine

This week saw the debut of the first TV commercials created with the popular short video app Vine. Both Dunkin Donuts and Trident debuted their Vine TV ads Monday night, but on different networks, and both made headlines for using the app in a decidedly ad-focused way. Although they weren’t epic Super Bowl-worthy TV spots, these initial efforts definitely showcase the advantages a Vine-based ad has over the traditional TV spot.

Short format

The inherently brief nature of Vine videos forces users to be concise and precise in their shooting and editing, and that translates well to the TV screen. The length of the ad also works well with TV viewers’ generally short attention span. As commercials get shorter and shorter, Vine videos fit in pretty seamlessly.

Easier to embrace user-generated content

Trident teamed up with two popular Vine users to create their ad. They created four videos in total, but decided on the final product (seen above) after allowing fans to vote on their favorite. The nature of the ad’s creation alone gives it an immediate connection with fans, and helps it appeal to even the casual viewer. We’ve seen brands asking for user-generated Vines in various contests, and this simply gives them another outlet to spotlight that content.

Different energy

The one-take, low-production, spontaneous nature of Vine vids are part of what make them so appealing. All of these elements give the videos a different energy than even a typical YouTube video, and it certainly gives them a different energy than ordinary TV spots. That energy makes them stand out against the sea of voice-overs and too-loud music, and makes viewers more likely to notice and absorb their information.

Of course, as Vine videos begin to be more common TV spots, they might lose these advantages. And in the age of cheap smart TVs they become even more relevant. What do you think? Will more brands adopt Vine videos as part of their TV ad strategy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.