Vine & Instagram Video Star in Nissan #VersaVid Contest


Vine and Instagram video have a combined age of just nine months, but both are already making waves in the world of social media promotions. So far we’ve seen plenty of creative contests on Vine, and now one brand is combining the forces of both video platforms for one contest.

In the Door To More Video Contest, Nissan invites Instagram video and Vine users to print, cut out and build a 3D model of the new Versa Note then use that prop to shoot a video about “what you love.” Entries must be shared on Instagram or Twitter (Vine’s parent company) using the hashtag #VersaVid. Three videos will be selected to run in the Versa TV ad and six entrants will receive a $1,000 Amazon.com gift card. Nissan provides a video version of the instructions below. 

In a July interview Erich Marx, Nissan’s direct of social media and interactive marketing, told Marketing Daily that the contest was initially planned strictly for Vine, but Instagram’s video rollout inspired a last minute strategy pivot to include both platforms.

As of July 31, there are 31 #VersaVid entries on Instagram, which seems promising until you realize that six of those are from @NissanUSA and three are still shots. With social media contests there is always the inherent risk that people either won’t read or will blatantly disregard entry guidelines. There are, however, a handful of quality entries including the below from Mashable’s team and several stop animation pieces on Vine. 

What do you think of this (possibly first) take on the combined Vine and Instagram video contest? Is it worth the time and effort (think microsite, rules and regulations, community management and so on) for your social media team?