Nearly One-Quarter of Online Videos Now Accompanied by Video Ads

Video AdsThere’s no question about the popularity of online video content, and it looks like video ads might finally be catching up. According to comScore’s US Digital Future in Focus, the percentage of videos accompanied by a video ad jumped from just 14% in 2011 to nearly 23% in 2012.

“The key to continued monetization in this channel will be freeing up safe, high-quality inventory to carry video ads,” said the authors of the report. Google has put substantial effort into convincing brands to advertise on YouTube channels, and with sites like Yahoo and Hulu funding the creation of made-for-web episodes, opportunities for these ads are continuing to grow.

Looking to add online video ads to your marketing mix? Consider these three video ad tips.

Start with a high-quality opening image

First impressions matter, so make sure the first still shot that viewers see of your video ad is the best it can be. Aim to get the user’s attention from the get-go.

Focus on next steps, not sales

Being too pushy with sales is bound to turn users off. Instead, focus on micro-conversions — small next steps that viewers can take to get more information. Try focusing on language like “learn more.”

Make the call to action easy

While it’s tempting to send users to your website, they might not want to drop what they’re doing and leave the YouTube or Hulu hub. Try making your course of action platform-centric. Asking users to view another video or subscribe to your channel requires the least amount of commitment, but will still get users into the loop on a platform they already use.