Content Marketing is For Lovers: Valentine’s Day Content Ideas



With the end Christmas and the New Year, it’s time to start getting your ducks in a row for Valentine’s Day. For many brands Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity to create great content that their fans will love. To stand our from the pack, move beyond traditional Valentine’s Day content. Hearts and Cupid are great, but here are some ideas to make content that your fans will love this Valentine’s Day.

3 Great Valentine’s Day Content Ideas

Ecards and Other Interactive Content

One tried and true tactic for Valentine’s Day is ecards. Creating satirical ecards that users can share with friends and loved ones are a great way to build your brand, engage users, and if you play your cards right, create a viral sensation. Valentine’s related quizzes are another excellent way to get fans involved and excited about your content.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Content

Valentine’s Day is a shockingly divisive holiday amongst many. While many couples rush to buy each other jewelry and candy and go out to dinner, just as many people reject the holiday as being fake- a celebration of shows of love rather than actual love.┬áThe anti-Valentine’s Day crowd is very underserved by brands in general and content marketers in particular. Creating content that focuses on this marketing segment can differentiate you from the pack.

Educational Content

Did you know there really was a St. Valentine? Have you ever heard of the Valentine’s Day Massacre? Valentine’s Day has a lot of history and creating educational content focused on the holiday- videos, blogs, images- can be a good way to create content that will get shared and talked about. Find a way to tie what your brand is doing into the history of the holiday and build content around that. Educational content is a proven winner.


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