Holiday Roundup: 3 Great Valentine’s Day Promotions

Valentine's Day promos

Every year around Valentine’s Day, I look forward to two things: 1) 75% off candy the day after and 2) brand Valentine’s Day promos. Brand Valentines take much thought and effort to stand out from the crowd AND relate back to the actual brand. Here are three great examples of brands that I would definitely ask to be my Valentine this year.


Evian is celebrating the holiday by asking fans to tweet them using #Iloveyoulike. Fans are encouraged to think out out-of-the-box comparisons, and Evian responds, sometimes even turning the tweets into cute graphics.

Favorite from the bunch:

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut fans are apparently always proposing to the brand. So just in time for Valentine’s Day, they can get somewhat of an answer in free pizza for life.

You can actually find the contest on Pizza Hut’s…OkCupid profile? It makes sense since it’s a romantic proposition and all, but the contest is probably quite fine being hosted anywhere else. We previously examined FOX promoting The Mindy Project on Tinder, where it may have made more sense seeing as the characters were…not pizza.

Bottom line: Cute promo idea, no reason to have a dating profile as a brand.

Victoria’s Secret

Not that the brand would need a Valentine’s Day promo, but VS went a different route with #BombshellsDay. It’s sexier than Valentine’s Day, and it’s a celebration of YOU, not romance. With a $75 purchase, you can get a complimentary box of chocolates to ensure you don’t fit into the products you just purchased.

But, it’s a celebration of women and confidence, which is a great message. Kudos to Victoria’s Secret for embracing a different message for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great message for single and taken folk. Plus, the brand is able to send out cheeky content that doesn’t need a pic of cheeky underwear:

What were some of your favorite Valentine’s Day promos? Feel free to share in the comments below.