Using Apps to Encourage In-Store Shopping

Cyber Monday is all about driving online sales – but what if your goal is to get shoppers off their desktops and into stores? This holiday season retailers are turning to mobile apps to improve the shopping experience and get users into physical checkout lines. In addition to a typical e-commerce function, Target’s mobile app includes several features that encourage in-store shopping.

Mobilize Weekly Sale Flyers

Retailers are known for stuffing weekly sale circulars into Sunday papers. Target gives shoppers a portable version of these sale updates by including a location-based version within their mobile app. Users can browse by category to find can’t-miss sales – even if they leave the newspapers at home.

Weekly Ads App

Shopping Lists

Shoppers may not stray from pen and paper for the generic shopping list – but when it comes to specific items, Target’s mobile shopping list sure beats writing down skew numbers and product descriptions.

Shopping Lists App

Find a Store

Shoppers are likely to know where their hometown Target store is, but travelers and commuters will benefit from Target’s store locator, which includes both GPS and search-based functions.

Store Locator App

Which mobile apps will you arm yourself with for in-store shopping this holiday season?