Twitter Summarizes Top Stories with Weekly Emails

Last week, Twitter announced a new feature that is bound to annoy many and delight a few — the best of Twitter via email.

This weekly digest is designed to spotlight the most relevant stories and tweets shared by the people you follow. The email features a straightforward layout, allowing you to see headlines, read the body of the tweet and then see who shared it.

Twitter, Twitter email, tweetsIn addition, the email features the most engaging tweets seen by the people you follow, regardless of whether you follow the tweet’s author or not.

Of course, Twitter is allowing users the ability to opt out of this weekly missive, which will thrill many users. After all, if you spend a fair amount of time on Twitter several days a week, there is little need for a weekly recap. For the busy exec, however, this could prove to be a huge help.

Brand execs who use Twitter to follow industry thought leaders and competitors should opt-in for these weekly round-ups, even if they already spend a fair amount of time on Twitter. The email will not only cover influential posts that may have gone unnoticed initially, it can also serve as a source of inspiration and a launching off point for blog posts, marketing discussions and possible future strategies.

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