Lead Gen Cards Bring Landing Pages to Twitter


You can tweet about your exciting new white paper all day long. The hope is that users will click on the link within your tweet to be led to a landing page where they’ll type in their email address and hit submit. It’s a multi-step process with many opportunities for visitors to lose interest and drop off. But what if you could cut the steps and get users’ information right on Twitter without requiring them to fill out a single field?

Twitter has introduced Lead Generation Cards, a new kind of expanded tweet that makes this possible. Brands can tweet about an offer, a white paper or a discount and thanks to the extra space allotted in card format, include an image as well as call to action button. When the user clicks that button, Twitter automatically pulls in the user’s handle and email address — it’s a no frills landing page built right into the tweet.

Priceline Example

In the example above, Priceline tweets about a 10% discount. When I click to expand the tweet, I see a coupon-esque image, brief instructions and a “Sign Up and Save” button. I click the button and I’m done — the Twitter card now displays a thank you message and a few minutes later, I get the offer email from Priceline.

Twitter Lead Gen Card Response

Twitter Lead Generation Cards are currently only available to Twitter’s managed clients, but will be launched for the rest of us soon.