Three Ways to Bring More Readers to Your Brand’s Blog Posts

So many brands have integrated a blog into their online presence that it’s become more difficult to attract readers. Having intriguing and entertaining content isn’t enough to bring in an audience anymore. So, what can your brand do to help get your blog posts seen? Here are three things to keep in mind.

Address a common problem/area of interest – Successful blogs make it a point to seek out solutions for common problems or create posts around a specific but common area of interest. If you’ve developed a workaround for a problem you encounter on a daily basis, chances are good that others have also encountered it and are looking for some assistance. Similarly, if a new product, site, etc. has recently gained a lot of interest, and you have some worthy information to add to the discussion, it would be worth your time to write a post about it. After Pinterest really began to gain popularity, it quickly became the favorite topic of the tech blog world. Coincidence? We think not.

Craft a catchy headline – Headlines are tricky. They are often your only shot to get a casual browser interested in what you have to say, and if they’re not crafted well they could be a deterrent. Keep it catchy but short, and make sure that the topic of your post is mentioned as close to the beginning of the headline as possible. Lists are popular post formats, too, and a specific headline — like ‘Top 7 Apps to Help Keep You On Task” — will help catch readers’ eyes and attention

Keep it short and concise – Most readers scan posts and articles, rather than read them. In order to take advantage of this, use numbered and bulleted lists, as well as short subheaded sections. These formats are much easier to scan than long, dense paragraphs.

What tactics do you use to help bring in more readers to your brand’s blog? Share them with us.