Drive Epic Traffic to Your Marketing Blog by Writing About Pinterest

pinterest, contentThese days it seems that Pinterest posts are lurking around every corner of the interwebs. Actually, they’re not so much lurking as jumping and yelling CLICK ME!

We’ve got Tech Crunch crafting hockey stick growth charts disguised as blow driers, Mashable publishing 7.5  “Pinterest This, Pinterest That” articles per week, and ReadWriteWeb even compiled the ever-so-necessary “Guy’s Guide to Pinterest.” I suppose we can’t hate though, seeing as we published a Pintrest piece of our own this week.

So the internet’s got a flaring case of Pinterest madness. But there’s got to be a reason why every outlet of the blogosphere is talking boards, pins and repins. How exactly do pieces focusing on the social networking dynamo affect web traffic?

We took a quick gander at the data and looks like – whoa! Articles about Pinterest see  an average of 10,893% more web traffic than articles about…anything else, ever. Facebook and Twitter can’t hold their own these days – posts on those topics show just 6% and 12% increases in traffic, relatively. Weak sauce, social web veterans.pinterest, content

But is there something deeper to the Pinterest phenomenon or is it another case of shiny object syndrome? We certainly benefited from increased traffic and social sharing this week after publishing If You’re Going to Do Pinterest, Do It Like These Four Brands. Record breaking traffic rates had us stroking our hipster beards: what does it all mean?!

Not too much. A dearth of case study material focused on bottom line results mixed with guru ultra-hype leads to a lot of lookie loos. Enjoy the free hits marketing bloggers.