There’s an App for That: Slice

Online receipt tracking service Slice recently debuted a mobile application that helps organize the logistics of online shopping – a task that is supposed to be inherently easy, but between the misplaced receipts and package delivery mishaps, doesn’t always turn out to be so simple.

The application automatically recognizes which of your emails are shopping receipts, pulls the important information from them and organizes it all in one place – all with zero effort from you.┬áSlice also tracks all of your shipments on a single map, showing where each package is and what it contains. Plus, a push notification will let you know when your package is delivered.

slice 2

Revolutionary? Yep.

Slice offers three headache-preventing solutions:

  • Organizes your receipts in one place so you don’t have to dig through your inbox for that one pesky email
  • Consolidates all online shopping history so you don’t have to log into multiple retail sites to see this info
  • Tracks all packages at once and sends push notifications when your package arrives so you don’t feel that uncomfortable might-miss-the-mailman anxiety
To start organizing your online shopping, check out Slice in the App Store.