There’s an App for That: Grubwithus

A consistent complaint about social networking is that it replaces real life human contact with key strokes, turning us into robots rather than people…. Or something like that.

Cue Grubwithus, a social dining network created to “pioneer the ‘in real life’ movement.” The Chicago startup connects people based on interests or even something as simple as a mutual love of food. The logic is such: who doesn’t love a great meal with interesting people?

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse the options to find a meal based on the people or places you’re interested in.
  • Reserve a seat, at which point you prepay so there’s no cumbersome check-splitting.
  • Finally, head to your meal and meet cool new Grubwithus friends.

The concept isn’t new – in fact Grubwithus has already connected over 30,000 diners. But this week they launched their very first iPhone app to help users plan social dining experiences on the go. The app can also be used to chat with other diners and get alerts when your favorite fellow diners sign up for a meal.

Check out the new Grubwithus app in the AppStore.

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