The Top 10 lonelybrand Blog Posts of 2012

Top 10 Posts of 2012

As we find ourselves on the brink of a new year with new and improved tools, platforms and insights, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back at the past twelve months. We gathered our ten most popular posts of the year for a glimpse at the topics that caught readers’ eyes in 2012.

10. Twelve Tips & Tools for Managing Social Media As A Team

Managing a social media account as an individual has its perks, but as companies and networks grow the job can quickly become too big for one person to manage. We talked to several community management pros to collect helpful strategies for building and maintaining an efficient social media team.

9. Four Undeniable Newsletter Signup Boxes

The first step in any email marketing initiative is reeling in the subscribers, but the email signup box is a notoriously tricky mechanism to master. These four brand examples use a mix of humor, customization and simplicity to convince visitors to get on the list.

8. Your Website Looks Like 1993 Again: Is Apple Ushering In A New Era Of Web Design?

Apple’s introduction of the Retina-enabled Macbook raised the bar for portable computing power. If the challenge to brands who spend big dollars making sure their websites look great isn’t already clear, here it is: your website is in danger of looking pixelated and outdated.

7. Social Media Done Right For Big Insurance

These days insurance agencies are more likely to use digital marketing tactics than more “traditional” strategies like ads in yellow pages or local newspapers. But how exactly do insurance agencies execute digital strategy on a day-to-day basis?

6. The Most Important Web Analytics According To Avinash Kaushik

Success in the online space comes down to delivering satisfying experiences that create value for users, or, as Kaushik so eloquently puts it, “delivering mini orgasms to your consumers.” That being said, the problem with popular success metrics is that they don’t tell us anything about the user’s actual experience on your site.

5. Top 10 Social Media Tips For Job Hunters

You already know the importance of building a thorough LinkedIn profile and cleaning up that beer-soaked Facebook profile, so we turned to our friends on the HR, communications and startup scenes to go beyond social media basics for digital job seekers.

4. Best Landing Page Designs: Airbnb

With its elegant simplicity, high-res photos and social functions, travel site Airbnb became the star of our best landing page designs series this year.

3. If You’re Going To Do Pinterest, Do It Like These Four Brands

2012 was the year of endless chatter about the SEO, community-buliding and e-commerce power of Pinterest. We added our two cents with this article on meaningful Pinterest strategy for brands – not just pinning for the sake of pinning.

2. Top 10 Ways Millennials Self-Sabotage Careers

Digitally-native Millennials are the next driving force in change around the world. Nearly 80 million strong, a few Millennials are already household names. But this same group of rising stars must earn the trust of Gen Xers and Boomers before taking the reins of the business world.

1. How to Add Instagram To Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Whether you’re using the app for contests or to shed some light on your company culture, adding your filtered photo feed to Facebook is a great way to make your Instagram presence known. Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding the Instagram app to your brand’s Facebook page.