The Rise of the Digital Election

If it feels like the 2012 election has taken over the web in a way unlike any previous election, it’s because it has.

According to data from iProspect, it’s projected that $9 billion will be spent across 13,000 campaigns occurring in 2012. Of those budgets, up to 12% of them will be dedicated to digital media and up to 33% of those digital media budgets will be dedicated to mobile programs.

Although the amount spent on newspaper/print advertising and TV/cable/radio advertising still surpasses the amount spent for online advertising, they probably will not maintain their lead much longer. The amount spent on online advertising increased an astounding 616% from the 2008 election to the 2012 election.

It’s estimated that a single, non-partisan “Get out the vote” Facebook message in 2010 resulted in 340,000 more voters. And as candidates continue to find new ways to engage and embrace the social sphere, the amount of time and money spent on online ads will continue to grow.

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