The Inside Source Gives eBay New Life in Content Marketing

ebay content marketing strategyContent marketing is more than just blogging about the services your brand provides, or the products you produce. You need to create compelling content that actually appeals to and resonates with your target audience — something that they will want to turn to on a weekly or, even, daily basis. Over the past year or so, eBay has revamped its image to include discount offers from notable fashion brands, a partnership with Rue La La, a new fashion-focused app, and a new Pinterest-inspired appearance — turning it into a true fashion hub. This new focus has presented an excellent content marketing opportunity for eBay, and it’s being realized with The Inside Source.

Tips and Trends Abound

ebay content marketing strategy

Although the blog also contains fun and pop culture-related posts, the bulk of the posts revolve around fashion, and no fashion blog would be complete without posts about the latest tips and trends. Even if a self-proclaimed fashionista wouldn’t normally search eBay for deals, the blog’s material is enough to bring in trendseekers and trendsetters from all walks of life. The tips and trends the blog provides alone are enough to keep readers coming back.

The Brand Remains the Same

ebay content marketing strategy

Of course, you want to make sure that your brand isn’t lost among your content. The Inside Source still keeps the eBay brand and the service it provides front and center. The bloggers achieve this by highlighting trendy styles, clothes and accessories, and then linking to similar products available for sale by eBay sellers. Not only does this remind readers of the service providing them with this great blog material, it also highlights worthy eBay sellers.

Backstage at the Runway

ebay content marketing strategy

If there is one common feature that has been a hit for fashion brands across the social sphere, it’s photos/videos of backstage runway events. An insider’s look at the work, the makeup and the wardrobe that goes into a runway show is guaranteed to attract attention. Yes, the blog is highlighting these exclusive looks, but it is also highlighting fantastic images from Instagrammers lucky enough to be behind the scenes, giving the photographer the credit he or she is due.

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