The Advantages of Second-Tier PPC Campaigns

ppc featWhen it comes to PPC advertising, most of the time only the big three search engines are even considered — Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although marketers are right to concentrate their efforts on these search engine behemoths, the truth is there are still users using search engines that you may have forgotten about. Ask.com, for example, still sees daily searches, and those users could be just as interested in your products or services as the average Googler. Depending on your brand and your marketing budget, it could be worth it to give a second-tier PPC campaign a try. Here’s why:

Less competition

Most brands only focus on the big three search engines without even giving the second-tier engines a try. For your brand, this means that there are fewer brands to compete with yours. This gives you a better chance at rocking the rankings than, say, a Google PPC campaign would.

Cheaper PPC rates

Fewer competitors means fewer bids, and fewer bids means that the bidding war itself is far less intense. This gives brands a chance to afford better positioning in search results without bleeding their budget dry in the process.

More freedom to experiment

What are some keywords that you think your brand could really uses to its advantage? By using a second-tier campaign to experiment, your brand could figure out what keywords do and don’t yield the best results without having to worry about losing half your budget in the process. A second-tier campaign can also help serve as a training ground for brands who are still green to the PPC process.

Have you tried a second-tier PPC campaign for your brand? What results did you see? And if you’re looking to make the jump from second to first tier, checkout our helpful pay per click¬†guides.