Stealth Mode Startup Earns Huge Landing Page Success

Landing pages are a great mechanism for drumming up interest in your product. We generally recommend simplicity, flawless UX and a clear call to action for landing page success.

But here’s a conundrum. What if your product doesn’t even fully exist yet?

Stealth landing pages are undoubtedly a popular tactic for prelaunch startups. But to be successful, you’re going to have to get creative.

At first glance, stealth startup Wander’s has a pretty run of the mill landing page.

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Trees, call to action, social sharing buttons. This landing page is all fine and good, but throw in the Click the Cow game and BOOM this startup is on what we call Internet fire. But where is this cow, and how could he/she possibly generate the kind of digital buzz that most startups only dream of?

Here’s how it works. Once you reserve your username on the simple forested landing page above, you’re sent to the “leaderboard” for a fun (albeit pointless) little game. The concept is simple: get one point for clicking the cow in the lower right corner. Get 50 points for sharing onwander.com with a friend. Get 100 points for sharing on Facebook or Twitter. “Spread the word about Wander, get tons of amazing points!” says the leaderboard.

landing page optimization tips, best landing page designs, landing page examples

You’re probably wondering what these “amazing” points get you, right? Answer: a whole lot of leaderboard glory, and that’s it.

Gimmicky? Yes.

Pointless? Pretty much.

Prolific? Not so much.

But as of February 16, the top user had 936,196,66 points. The folks at Wander must be doing something right.

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