Social Data Impacts CMO Forecasting

C-level executive CMOAccording to a new study by Bazaarvoice, CMOs are increasingly influenced by social data, so much so that it impacts their forecasting.

The study, entitled “Chief Customer Advocate: How Social Data Elevates CMOs,” found that 89.4% of CMOs said social data has impacted at least some of their decisions. For 21.3% of respondents, social data affects at least one in every five decisions they make. And 47.3% of the CMO respondents said they’ve used social data to make predictions or forecasts.

These social savvy CMOs aren’t just keeping this data to themselves — 97.3% of CMOs said they share their social data findings with other C-level execs at least once a year. More than two-thirds of respondents (67.0%) said they report social findings to C-level executives at least once a month.

This research backs up the assertion that CMOs are becoming more savvy in the digital space. In a past post we discussed how CMOs are turning to online search and mobile devices in their B2B buying process.

More and more C-level execs are also using location-based apps regularly. Check out our full report here.