Small Businesses Plan Mobile Spending Increases for 2013

Recent research shows that consumers won’t tolerate sites not optimized for mobile – a stat not lost on the small businesses of America. In the coming months U.S. small businesses plan to keep up with increasingly mobile consumers by pouring money into mobile marketing efforts.

A new study from Pointiflex and Burrell Associates shows that 27% of U.S. SMBs plan to step up mobile media spending in the next twelve months, while 45% will maintain mobile spending. This means nearly 3 out of 4 small businesses will either sustain or increase mobile efforts in 2013.

SMB 2013 Mobile Spending

These mobile budget increases are coming at no small margin. Of those that plan to increase mobile spending, 42% foresee an increase of 11- 20%. One-fifth of these businesses hope to bump spending by 21-30%.

Increasing SMB Mobile Budgets

Impressive Fortune 500 mobile efforts point to an increasingly mobile-friendly 2013, but the fact that small businesses are on board shows that the mobile shift is happening even faster than we thought.