Serving Customers with Local Promos Courtesy of Geotargeted Texts

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Forget LivingSocial and Groupon, the latest in local promotion tools involves spurring conversion by serving customers geotargeted SMS messages. The brand sending out the texts simply asks customers to opt in, and then customers are served SMS-based promos when they’re within range of the business. Alternatively, customers can receive texts offering them in store promos and also telling them the address of the location nearest them.

Although the service costs advertisers extra for their SMS campaigns, it doesn’t cost recipients anything, making them more willing to sign up.

Columbus, Ohio’s Easton Mall recently embraced the mobile tactic for a promotion that encouraged SMS subscribers to use their store-branded credit cards for a chance to win a shopping spree at one of the participating retailers. The promotion, done in partnership with Alliance Data, found that the SMS promotion affected a customer’s decision to purchase from and visit specific stores.

  • 39% of SMS subscribers said that the location-based mobile marketing campaign influenced their purchase decisions.

  • 37% of SMS subscribers said the SMS promotions influenced them to visit a specific brand within the mall.

  • 68% of SMS subscribers indicated they would sign up for future location-based SMS promotions.

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