Why Having a Secure Website Helps Makes a Safe Brand



When running a website, one must ensure that it is safe and secure. If you land on a page that is not secure, especially one where you are going to send important data, you are going to have second thoughts about returning or spending money. With this in mind, here are four reasons as advocated by Sense of Security why having a safe website makes a secure brand.

No error messages: Think about this scenario. If a potential client comes to your site and an error message pops up, you are in for a lot of trouble. Not only are you going to anger the visitor, but you are unlikely to convince him or her to spend money on your product or service. This is a rational reaction as you can’t expect a person to gladly spend money on your site if you don’t provide a safe and secure experience. Simply put, with information security, you need to make sure you are prepared.
One breach will kill your brand: Well-established corporations can make security mistakes without having a huge impact on their bottom line. Think about Target, Home Depot or any other large corporation with recent security issues. They had insurance and did not have to worry about a mass exodus of clients. If you run a small business, you can watch your customers disappear forever as they are not likely to trust your brand if there is one small breach. This is with good reason as consumers are wise and are not interested in watching their data, information or identity stolen. Make sure you have a secure website so you don’t have to deal with any breaches.

Marketing: Without a doubt, if you want to market your site across the Internet, you are going to have a lot of work on your hands as you will have to develop a site, setup a social media plan and try to convert your visitors to paying customers. You are going to struggle even more if you don’t have a SSL certificate. Meaning, when you advertise your site, you need to let people know that it’s secure and safe. Not only that, once they land on your site, make sure to tell the visitors that the shopping cart will offer a secure experience. You will enjoy a boost in your conversion rates, all with little effort.The only

long-term solution: If you want to do well, you have to treat your customers well. To do so, you can’t make serious mistakes or have an unsecure website or checkout process. To take this further, make sure you also send secure emails and always send passwords and important information encrypted. If not, you are going to hurt your company. This is harder than it may seem, but it’s essential that you take care of your clients and avoid any issues in regards to their security. If you look at any online businesses that have survived long-term booms and busts, you can bet that the winners offered a great website experience that was safe and secure to every visitor. If you want to succeed with your website, you need to take information security seriously. Yes, with a solid and safe website, you will not deal with as many serious issues other business owners often face.