Second Screen Apps Are Keeping Television Alive

When you watch TV, is your smartphone at hand?

In early 2012 consumers watched 4.38 hours of television per day. According to Pew Research, viewers are further connected to the tube using a mobile device, with 38% of cellphone owners using their phone to keep themselves occupied during commercial breaks, 20% visiting a website that was mentioned on TV, and 11% following up with fellow fans and posting comments online.

Even with the development of online video streaming, it is clear that real-time tube television viewing remains a top consumer choice for entertainment. Marketers have kept live viewing progressive by fusing a second screen across mobile devices. Below we explore the latest apps to continue this co-viewing courtship.

Oohly Allows Viewers to Buy Products Seen on TV

The connection between Hollywood and fashion is clear. The masterminds behind Oohly nourished our crooning for clothing and constructed an app that identifies and sells the props and apparel worn by main characters.

Can this lead to the end of commercial programming? Only time will tell. Either way, it sure beats wasting an hour trying to find a particular featured product with a prolonged Internet search.

IntoNow Identifies What You Are Watching

IntoNow is an app meant to help users discover new shows and connect you with friends and fellow fans. Similar to the music app Shazam, IntoNow identifies what you’re watching by hearing a sample clip of the show. The new Content Sync feature provides additional second screen benefits including show facts, photos, trivia and more.

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The use of sound frequency recognition is the latest in upcoming technology for mobile marketing and is being tested in multiple ways. We ponder the potential of marketing through sound with our Sonic Notify app review here.

Shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men have also embraced a dual screen platform with custom digital content. Undoubtedly, the mobile engagement initiative is on the rise. Are you tuning in twofold?