Mad Men’s Gone Digital

Anyone else having trouble containing their excitement for Sunday’s Mad Men Season 5 premier?

It’s only three days away – but until then, you’ll have to get your Sterling Cooper Draper Price fix with these nifty pieces of content from the folks at AMC, who just so happen to know a thing or two about building excitement in the digital space.

Cocktail Culture Mobile App

AMC gave the classic Cocktail Culture app a bit of a refresh for season 5, adding retina display, playable cocktails and several new drinks. If you’ve yet to encounter this app, it’s an essential tool if you plan on slinging back the drinks the way the show’s characters do.


Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Job Interview

Ever wonder if, in another life, there would be a spot for you at Sterling Cooper Draper Price? The new Job Interview game from AMC just might have the answer. This game takes you through a number of questions and in the end, tells you which agency role is best for you.

Mad Men Yourself

If you’re a serious fan, it’s more than likely that you’ve already Mad Men-ed yourself. But why not spruce up that old avatar with some new gear? The Season 5 edition features new clothes, accessories and backgrounds for your cartooning pleasure.

Mad Men Party Guide

The Mad Men Party Guide provides everything you need “to throw the swankiest Mad Men bash on your block.” From invitation and menu suggestions to trivia games and playlists, this party guide is your go-to resource for going all out with the Mad Men theme.


Last but not least, let’s not forget the ever-powerful viral internet meme component. Last week McDonald’s tried (unsuccessfully) to manufacture a viral campaign by asking people to snap photos of themselves #shamrocking. But we all know that viral campaigns work best when they are built organically, by the fans. Behold: draping – the latest version of the planking/owling/Tebowing trend – a Don Draper pose started and embraced by Mad Men enthusiasts around the globe.

Cheers to Mad Men Season 5! Be sure to share your Mad Men thoughts with us on Twitter.