#RoastJoffrey Engages Fans and Brands Alike


The “Game of Thrones” Twitter account set themselves up for an incredible day of laughs and engagement when they announced their Roast Joffrey day event. The roast was so entertaining, in fact, that several brands couldn’t resist the urge to get involved themselves.

Participants in the roast were invited to hurl their best insults using the #RoastJoffrey hashtag. Not only did the GoT Twitter account highlight and interact with the best and funniest insults, they also highlighted them over at roastjoffrey.com. Although plenty of fans and comedians had their master quips spotlighted, a number of brands got in on the fun, too. Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite Joffrey roasts, and what the brand involved did well.

A dig on Joffrey plus a plug for your own merch? What can we say? Well played, JCP, well played.

The roast crossed networks when NBC’s “Hannibal” Twitter account got involved. Not only was it funny and well timed, it was also done beautifully in character. It caught the attention of the GoT team and earned a retweet, exposing the “Hannibal” account to a base of potential new fans and viewers.

Charmin has gotten a bit more cheeky in the social space lately, and the #RoastJoffrey hashtag gave them an opportunity to extend their own brand of humor (somewhat) beyond their own toilet talk. The humorous approach to social messaging, in general, and to the Joffrey Roast specifically, has undoubtedly earned them new followers.

We know that the folks over at Oreo are the team to beat when it comes to real-time marketing. They proved themselves worthy adversaries during a certain sports-related stadium black-out earlier this year, and their use of Vine for #RoastJoffrey got them plenty of attention, including mentions from fans, the official “Game of Thrones” account and the official Twitter Advertising account.

Who says a cafe can’t get in on the fun? Rather than poking fun at the king himself, the team at Au Bon Pain took a different approach. It’s still funny and, importantly, it still got them a lot of attention.

Overall, the roast was a major success, and the King seems to be taking it pretty well.

DId you see other great examples of brands getting involved in the roast? Share them with us!